377: (2022) – Double CD Digipack ALBUM


2 CDs Digipack, in a plastic sleeve, containing an A3 booklet poster

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2 CDs Digipack, in a plastic sleeve, containing an A3 booklet poster. Artwork and design by Valentina Vinci.
377 project is an artistic project dedicated to Sardinia. Between 2018 and 2019, I visited the 377 municipalities of Sardinia traveling exclusively by bicycle: one a day for 14 months. It was for me the opportunity to describe my island in sounds, words and images; a journey outside the routes and the logic of contemporary tourism, with a bass ukulele in the essential luggage; a journey through a small land, which some called “nearly a continent” but which I prefer to call “many continents”, due to the boundless diversity it contains.

What prompted me to undertake this journey was the desire to know my land, the landscapes, urban centres and the people in depth, letting my music absorb their essence. With my bass ukulele I thus composed 377 music fragments, one a day for each municipality visited, with the idea of​​arranging them and expanding them to other instruments once the journey was over.

Peter Waters‘s refined touch, Roberto Migoni‘s solid drumming, Francesco Morittu‘s inventiveness, guests Max De Aloe and Emanuele Contis‘ lyricism, as well as all of their precious ideas and arrangements, have enhanced my music fragments which have come to life, becoming multifaceted versions of what I originally created with just my bass ukulele.

Together with the sound of my double bass, these musicians have contributed to create a sonority that evokes in music what I felt during the journey: the enthusiasm of the beginning, the amazement before incredible scenarios, in front of nature, archaeology, the melancholy transmitted by some small villages in the process of depopulation, the calm of some uncontaminated and sometimes desolate landscapes, the energy of the inhabitants of some lively villages, and also the sadness of some stories told.

I also included in this work some field recordings made while traveling, to give the idea of the sounds that accompanied me from one place to the another. I used sounds of nature but also of human activities and music of the Sardinian tradition by artists I met during the journey.

377 is a magic number, one of the few with three digits in the Fibonacci sequence, therefore linked to the golden section, a number that in nature combines micro to macro, human to divine, and which has filled this project with beauty and a special aura.

I hope you will be able to listen to this album in a slow and pensive manner, possibly through a good sound system, so that you too can make an unforgettable journey like the one I made through Sardinia.

Enjoy your listening!
Sebastiano Dessanay
released April 23, 2022

Sebastiano Dessanay // double bass, bass ukulele, pedalling, breathing, all compositions
Peter Waters // piano
Roberto Migoni // drums
Francesco Morittu // classical and Campidanese guitar


Emanuele Contis // soprano saxophone on A su printzípiu and Tramas coloridas
Max De Aloe // chromatic harmonica on I fili di Maria and Le luci calano sul Campidano

and also snippets of:

Nicola Loi at the beginning of Spéndulas
Su Cunsertu Bonarcadesu at the beginning of Altopiani basaltici
Coro di Ozieri at the beginning of Ammentos
Giovanni Magrini and Michele Mastio at the beginning of I fili di Maria
Michele Loi‘s wind toys at the beginning of La leggenda di Rebeccu
Silvano Fadda at the beginning of Tramas coloridas
Tenore de Orosei Antoni Milia at the beginning of Sa processioni
Tonio Stara, Piero Piras and Diego Deidda between Sa processioni and Le luci calano sul Campidano

Recorded at these locations:
– JaneStudio Cagliari by Marti Jane Robertson. Studio Assistant: Michele Rovelli
– Sassari by Sebastiano Dessanay
– Rena Majore (Aglientu) by by Sebastiano Dessanay
– Busto Arsizio by Max De Aloe

Musical advisor: Paolo Pischedda in Como

Artwork by Valentina Vinci
All photos by Sebastiano Dessanay except 
cut-out of Sebastiano biking with ukulele by Francesca Ardau

© ℗ Associazione 377 and Sebastiano Dessanay 2022 all rights reserved