Sebastiano Dessanay

is a double bassist, composer,
and music artist, active in
the European jazz,
classical contemporary
and avant-garde scene.

As a double bassist, he currently leads his own jazz combos (trio and quartet) and he is bassist in many projects by artists in classical, jazz, contemporary, folk and pop music. He has extensively recorded as a leader, co-leader and session musician both on the acoustic and electric bass.

As a composer, he writes music highly informed by a strong sense of melody and mixes traditional styles with more experimental material. He has written works for jazz and classical ensembles, for the theatre, opera, dance and visual arts.

“Dessanay is a graceful melody-driven player, with impeccable pitch and clear phrasing. His bass solos show his strong tone and note accuracy to full effect.”

Peter Bacon, The Jazz Breakfast blog

Sebastiano is an enthusiast music teacher and educator. He taught composition, double bass and music theory at the Royal Birmingham Junior Conservatoire; he collaborates as orchestral trainer with the Music Department at the University of Birmingham; he was part of the Young Composers Project team as mentor and performer; he taught the mini bass to young students in several primary and secondary schools across the Midlands.

“It’s always interesting to see what jazz people do when they’re not doing jazz, and it’s obvious that Dessanay is steeped in both operatic form and the vocabulary of modernistic classical music.”

AJ Dehany, London Jazz News


377 project at the time of COVID-19

377 project at the time of COVID-19

Sebastiano Dessanay in Seui. Pic by Fabrizio Mura As Europe faces one of the most difficult times since the Second World War, and most of the countries are under lockdown, the arts, music and...

Propellor in Nottingham

Propellor in Nottingham

2020 looks like a year full of activities for Propellor, with which I will perform in March in Nottingham at the Lakeside Art. Here’s the details for the performances: Fri 6 March, 2020, 10am-1pm....

The Sound Between

The Sound Between

This coming month, I will take part in the last appointment of The Sound Between, the interdisciplinary project conceived by Indoru The Sound Boutique, dedicated to artist Pinuccio Sciola, of...



Sebastiano Dessanay UK Quartet
Live at Bflat Club, Cagliari, april 2019

Giocavamo bambini for ensemble, by Sebastiano Dessanay, poem by Fanny Satta
Live at the Italian Cultural Institute, London, October 2018