Sebastiano Dessanay Pictures of a Quartet


CD 2004

S.Meloni, V.Martini, G.Corona, N.Cossu, S.Dessanay, L.Casula and A.Garau

In 1939 W.A. Auden composed several poems about man’s inner life, sorrows and living estranged from nature. In this recording, every musician expresses their own feelings – so deeply musical in themselves – by playing athematic atonal improvisations. Nothing aleatory in that, mind you, but perfectly definite languages and interplay.

The septet was assembled by leader Sebastiano Meloni with a double rhythm section. The album was self-produced and printed in a limited number of copies.

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Released November,1 2004

Sebastiano Meloni, piano
Valeria Martini, vocals
Gianluca Corona, electric guitar 
Nicola Cossu, electric bass and double bass
Sebastiano Dessanay, electric bass and double bass
Leonardo Casula, drums 
Alessandro Garau, drums

All tracks are free improvisations on poems by W.H.Auden (1907-1973)

Recorded in Cagliari on 24 June 2004
Sound Engineer: Mauro Mulas

Cover artwork by Tonino Casula

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