Duets of a Fool, Sebastiano Dessanay

Duets of a Fool

CD 2016

Sebastiano Dessanay and Various Artists

Duets of a Fool is a series of completely improvised duets between Sebastiano Dessanay and some artists that he has collaborated with over the past few years.

These include: Sebastiano Meloni, Melinda Maxwell, Howard Skempton, Paul Dunmall, Francesco Morittu, Augusto Pirodda, Jack McNeill, Mark Sanders, Rachael Cohen, Fulvio Sigurtà, plus a duet for two double basses with Dessanay himself overdubbed.

The album was produced by British record label SLAM Productions.

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released May 20, 2016

Sebastiano Dessanay, double bass on all tracks
Paul Dunmall, tenor sax on track 2
Sebastiano Meloni, piano on track 3
Rachael Cohen, alto sax on track 4
Francesco Morittu, guitar on track 5
Howard Skempton, voice on track 6
Augusto Pirodda, piano on track 7
Melinda Maxwell, oboe on track 8
Mark Sanders, drums on track 9
Jack McNeill, clarinet on track 10
Fulvio Sigurtà, trumpet on track 11

Sound engineers: Sebastiano Dessanay, Matthew O’Malley, Emma Chilton
Editing: Ben Weatherill
Mixing and Mastering: Marti Jane Robertson
Cover Artwork: Seb Camilleri
Cover Design: Giampaolo Gerra
Produced by: Sebastiano Dessanay and Nicoletta Selis Casu

SLAM Productions – SLAMCD 571

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