Flight is the second original project by the ensemble PropellorFlight explores the interconnected world of music, birds and soundscape ecology. Many are the interview contributions to the project:

British-Iranian turntablist and composer Shiva Feshareki (BBC Proms) – discussing the nature of creativity // David Hendy (author of Noise – a social history of sound) placing our relationship with our soundscape into historical and cultural context // Paraorchestra blind musicians Takashi Kikuchi and Victoria Oruwari discussing access, echo-location and the colour of noise // Mark Cocker (author of Birds Britannica) who unpins the themes with a narrative about migration and global unity // British-Finnish artist Hanna Tuulikki (Biennale of Sydney) exploring ideas of mimesis with the “more than human world” // Ruth Montgomery (artistic director of Audiovisibility) sharing ideas about eyes being her equivalent of noise pollution // Soundscape ecologist Linda O Keeffe explaining the elements of the science of listening, while exploring the connections between social issues and the soundscape // Musician Leafcutter John on treating a band like a field recording and the act of creating in the moment.



released April 21, 2023

Jack McNeill clarinets / David Le Page violin / Cath Leech violin / Kay Stephen viola / Louise McMonagle cello / Sebastiano Dessanay double bass / electric bass / Charlie Wild fiddle / Aaron Diaz trumpet / live electronics / Martyn Sanderson trombone / sackbut / Robin Beatty guitars / Stuart Brown percussion / live electronics / Delia Stevens percussion / Joe Acheson live electronics / production / Leafcutter John electronics (guest)

All music written and performed by Jack McNeill and Propellor MCPS/PRS

© all rights reserved