Sebastiano Dessanay, Keep Your Hands Off

Keep Your Hands Off

DVD 2010

Sebastiano Dessanay

This self-produced multimedia work has been conceived in order to bring back to life some Russian Avant-garde paintings from last century in form of a virtual exhibition. The slogan “Keep your hands off, bourgeois!”, inscribed on a painting in the collection, inspired the title of this work.

The musical inspiration came directly from contemplation of these paintings. Twelve were chosen from the collection (totalling nearly sixty works) according to my personal taste. The sequence in which the paintings are revealed emphasizes their visual contrast and is further supported by sonic contrast, each painting being assigned different musical sources, in close relation with the aesthetics of the Russian Avant-garde music and visual concepts.

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released May 1, 2009

Music and Visuals by Sebastiano Dessanay
Original Russian paintings property of a private collection, Cagliari (Italy)
Video edit by Pawel Stec
Cover notes by Margherita Dessanay
Cover Design by James Finch

© all rights reserved