Moth’s Dance / Pastorale Notturna


L.Fadda, S.Dessanay and F.Morgera

With this nocturnal pastoral the trio recounts the experience of a winged insect that moves in hazy, crepuscular, nocturnal environments. A central body and two lopsided wings that sway in the unenlightened in search of sustenance and quiet.

Sebastiano Dessanay is the body that supports the twirling of two asymmetric and opposite wings: Fabio Morgera flies through a very clean bebop language, and Luca Fadda who copies, pastes, creates short circuits,  electronics and new improvisations.

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released November 1, 2020

Luca Fadda / trumpet, flugelhorn, electronics
Sebastiano Dessanay / upright bass
Fabio Morgera / trumpet

Compositions by Luca Fadda, Sebastiano Dessanay, Fabio Morgera

Recorded in Brooklyn (US) and Birmingham (UK) between 2012 and 2016.
Mix and mastering: Luca Fadda
Produced by Luca Fadda
Artwork by Louis Muhe

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