Paraulas, the rhythm of the words

Oct 8, 2022 | Live, News


Paraulas (in Sardinian: words) is a musical project produced by INSULAE LAB, the center of jazz production and artistic creativity of the Mediterranean islands, born in Berchidda in September 2022, conceived and realised by the Time in Jazz Association , with the artistic direction of Paolo Fresu.

Paraulas wants to represent, in music, the encounters and clashes between different cultures, which is the game of life. Sardinian and Sicilian musicians converge in this project, the singers Rossella Faa and Elisa Nocita, the guitarist Giacomo Deiana, the double bassist Sebastiano Dessanay and the drummer Emanuele Primavera.

Paraulas is a contemporary scat that originates from the rhythm of work and love songs. They are ancient nursery rhymes or long notes like calls, which mix and intertwine with the rhythms of jazz, North Africa, South America and new pulsations are born. Insular voices that sing their respective traditions on a solid rhythm section led by some of the protagonists of the jazz and traditional scene of Sardinia and Sicily. Two different and complementary female voices that pass on melodies and stories delivering them to the present.

Paraulas will be toured on the following date:

9 october h. 19:00 Cinema Teatro Santa Croce, Piazza del Popolo, Berchidda
4 december h. 18:30 Auditorium Comunale, Buddusò
5 december h. 20:30 Sala Sassu del conservatorio, Sassari
8 december h. 12:00 Casa del Jazz di Roma
11 december h. 19:00 Teatro Adriano, Cagliari
21 december h. 20:30 Auditorium Isre – Museo del Costume, Nuoro
22 december h. 20:00 Teatro Comunale, Oschiri