Songbook Volume One, Sebastiano Dessanay

Songbook Volume One

CD 2013

Sebastiano Dessanay with G.Corona, A.Garau and R.Cohen

The Songbook Volume One concludes the project started in 2011 with the Songbook Volume Two. The two albums include tunes written from 1997 to the present day by Sebastiano Dessanay. All of the songs present in this recording are very much informed by jazz tunes, and they pay hommage to many jazz composers whose style one can subtly hear between the lines.

A strong sense of melody is always present and Sebastiano’s great bass sound is complemented by the presence of fine guitarist Gianluca Corona, skilled rummer Alessandro Garau and Scottish talent Rachael Cohen on saxophone.

The album was produced by London record label F-IRE.

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released September 16, 2013

Sebastiano Dessanay, double bass and all compositions
Gianluca Corona, guitar
Alessandro Garau, drums
Rachael Cohen, alto sax on all tracks except 3 & 8

All tracks recorded at Studio 1, Birmingham Conservatoire on 15/16 September 2012 except Intermezzo, recorded on 29 April 2013
Sound Engineer and Producer: Matthew O’Malley

Executive Producer: Sebastiano Dessanay
Assistant Engineer and Editor: Emma Chilton

Mix and Mastering: Matthew O’Malley

Executive Producer Sebastiano Dessanay

Cover artwork by Seb Camilleri, design by James Finch and Stroke Design, photo by Garcia Morales Galea


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