Sebastiano Dessanay regularly collaborates with artists in various genres, from jazz, to classical, contemporary, rock, pop and folk, contributing both on double bass and on electric bass.


Quattro (CD 2023), Nanni Gaias

Sebastiano Dessanay has played the double bass on the track Rubio of the album Quattro, the new release by Sardinian drummer Nanni Gaias, published by Tǔk Music label.


Lost and Found (DIGITAL ALBUM 2023), Art Express

Scherzo by Sebastiano Dessanay has been included in the new release by Sardinian jazz group Art Express, titled Lost and Found, published by Tronos Digital label, based in Sassari, Sardinia.

Daniele DElia - Hello World CD cover

Hello World (CD 2022), Daniele D’Elia

The digital album Hello World, by Sardinian songwriter and composer Daniele D’Elia, includes the track A Casa Mia, on which Sebastiano Dessanay played the double bass.

Tenore de Orosei - Turturinu Country

Turturinu Country (DIGITAL SINGLE 2021), Tenores di Orosei Antoni Milia

Sebastiano Dessanay played the bass ukulele on the digital single Turturinu Country, by traditional Sardinian vocal quartet Tenores di Orosei Antoni Milia.

House on Swallow Street (CD 2020), Kristina Jacobsen

The album by Kristina Jacobsen, American singer-songwriter, anthropologist and ethnomusicologist, is a meditation on sound, language and places during her year of life in Sardinia, while she explored the socio-cultural life of the island. Sebastiano Dessanay is co-author of Sardinian Welcome and also plays on Terra po Approdare, These Cobblestone Streets and Santi Sardi.


Blue Bamboo (CD 2017), Melinda Maxwell 

London Sinfonietta oboist Melinda Maxwell recorded jazz standards and new compositions for solo oboe and for a jazz trio. Blue Bamboo features Mark Pringle on piano, Sebastiano Dessanay on double bass and Liam Halloran on drums and vibraphone. Blue Bamboo was produced by Oboe Classics.

Heavy Prayers (EP 2017), Rosie Tee

Heavy Prayers is the debut release from Rosie Tee, composer and performer with an innovative, atmospheric blend of electronica, jazz, classical and pop. Sebastiano Dessanay plays the double bass on the tracks Heavy Prayers and Cinnamon Milk.


春を待っています (Waiting for spring)

(CD 2016), Stefano Guzzetti

Waiting for springs, by pianist and composer Stefano Guzzetti, released for the Japanese market, includes compositions for solo piano and for ensemble. Sebastiano Dessanay plays the double bass on the track Fascia.


Leaf (CD 2016), Stefano Guzzetti

Leaf includes compositions for solo piano and for ensemble by pianist and composer Stefano Guzzetti, with Simone Soro on violin, Francesco Pilia on viola, Gianluca Pischedda on cello, Sebastiano Dessanay on double bass (on the track Psalm in A minor) and Lorenzo Baldoni on clarinet.


Where is my heart? ODT (DIGITAL ALBUM 2014), Alessandro Coronas

Sebastiano Dessanay has played the double bass on the track Where is my heart? – Acoustic of the album Where is my heart? ODT, a release by Sardinian videogame music composer Alessandro Coronas.


Boogie Nights (CD 2014), Joe Cutler

This CD includes compositions by composer Joe Cutler, Head of Composition at the Birmingham Conservatoire. Sebastiano Dessanay plays with the ensemble Decibel on Extended Play, a composition which explores the boundary regions between post-minimalism, rock and jazz, with each of these genres coming to the fore at various points on this journey.

Kathryn And Peter Play The Recorder (CD 2014), Michael Wolters

This CD includes compositions for different recorder ensembles by German composer Michael WoltersSebastiano Dessanay plays with the ensemble Decibel on Deutsche Volksweisen (German Folk Tunes) and in the one act opera The Voyage, commissioned for the New Music 20×12 of the Cultural Olympiad.

It’s Not For Children (CD 2014), Zsófia Faragó

An album of piano compositions performed by Hungarian pianist Zsófia Faragó. The composition Mirrors by Sebastiano Dessanay was included in the album, together with compositions by Andrea GranitzioÁdám BarázManuel Durao and a composition by Faragó herself.


The Lobbus (DIGITAL ALBUM 2013), Tobie Carpenter

Sebastiano Dessanay played double bass on 5 original tracks by guitar player Tobie Carpenter, who also wrote all the arragements. The other musicians are Chris Young on alto sax, Callum Roxburgh on tenor sax, Lluis Mather on tenor sax and flute, Matt Holborn on solo violin, Katy-Ellen Bryoe on violin and Becky Woodcock on clarinet.


Invisible Girl (CD 2012), Rachel Nicholas

Rachel Nicholas is an English singer and composer with a very distinct sound that mixes acoustic delicacy with quirky electronic arrangements. The album is self-produced. It features Sebastiano Dessanay on electric bass, Luke Deane on percussion, Richard Stenton on drum programming and Rachel herself on vocals, piano and other instruments.


Crossing Borders (CD 2012), Davide Sanna

Davide Sanna is a Sardinian songwriter based in London. He combines styles that echo traditional folk roots mixed with his innovative approach to playing the guitar and composing. Crossing Borders is self-produced and features Sebastiano Dessanay on double bass on Almeria, L’Aviatore and I Still See Your Face.


The Drop (DVD 2010), Synergy Collective

Sebastiano Dessanay wrote the original music for the short film The Drop by Zbigniew Tomasz Kotkiewicz (Synergy Collective). The Drop is an independant production printed in limited copies.

Night in Greenwich (CD 2006), Simplon Group

Night in Greenwich is an album by Simplon Group, with Fabio Zambelli on guitar, Paolo Carta Mantiglia on clarinet, Pete Whittaker on electric piano and Thierry Tardieu on drums. The album features the composition Scherzo by Sebastiano Dessanay, whom both Zambelli and Carta Mantiglia collaborated with a few years before in the recording ZeroUno.

Respighi-Stravinskij (CD 2005), I Fiati del Conservatorio di Cagliari, Alessandro Bombonati

The Cagliari Conservatoire wind band I Fiati del Conservatorio, conducted by Alessandro Bombonati performed live a diverse repertoire including Mozart, Respighi, Stravinsky, Dvořák and others. The Soldier’s Tale by Igor Stravinsky, with Sebastiano Dessanay on double bass, was recorded at the Auditorium Comunale in Cagliari in May 2005.

Alberto Sanna (CD 2004), Alberto Sanna

The band Marvin a Detroit, with Riccardo Melis on vocals, Sebastiano Dessanay on bass, Mauro Congia on keyboards and Andrea Ruggeri on drums, rearranged Angeli di Strada, a song by Sardinian songwriter Alberto Sanna and the track was included in the homonym album.

Antologia Nuoro Jazz (CD 2004), Various Artists

The Open Sextet, with Stefania Liori on vocals, Fabio Zambelli on guitar, Rosario Di Rosa on piano, Alessandro Sabina on saxophone, Sebastiano Dessanay on double bass and Davide Quacquarella on drums, contributed to this compilation from the best students of the Nuoro Jazz masterclass organised by the Ente Musicale di Nuoro with the track Dina by Dessanay.

ZeroUno (CD 2002), Sigurtà-Zambelli Group

Independent production by Fulvio Sigurtà on trumpet and Fabio Zambelli on guitar, with Paolo Carta Mantiglia on bass clarinet and soprano saxophone, Sebastiano Dessanay on double bass and Paolo Orlandi on drums. The album features original compositions (of which Scherzo and Twelve Kisses by Dessanay) and standards paying hommage to Miles Davis.

Fubro (CD 2000), Cridüsciá

Cridüsciá formed in 1993, with Sandro Bruni on guitar, Roberto Farneti on vocals, Mauro Congia on keyboards, Sebastiano Dessanay on electric bass and Giangi Corona on drums. In 1996 the band broke up but in 2000 they reunited with Antonio Pisano on drums, to produce the album Fubro with original tunes blending elements of funk, prog-rock and blues.